Tuesday, January 17, 2017

AirPods...A 1 month review

After months of delay, Apple finally released the wireless/Bluetooth Air Pods in late December.  Thanks to my good friends at Apple, I was able to get my hands on them about a week after their release, even though I wasn't too sure if, or how much use I would put them through.  Initially, I was ambivalent to the wireless headphones.  In the eight plus years that I've been an iPhone user, I never really used the air buds that came with the device, short of to listen to music.  The Air Pods represented an opportunity, though.  That opportunity is to truly have your iPhone (or other smartphone) be hands free in the car and beyond.

The Air Pods come housed in a sleek white case, that doubles as a charging device for the Pods when you slide them in.  The case comes equipped with a lightning charger (same as all the new iOS devices) that you can plug in anywhere you'd plug in your iPhone or iPad.  The Air Pods connect to an iPhone 7 seamlessly (also connects very easily to any iPhone).  You simply open the case near your iPhone and the iPhone recognizes the new Air Pods and connects instantly.  It's really that easy.  On a side note, the Air Pods will work with any Bluetooth enabled smartphone or tablet device, not just those from Apple.  The Air Pods can also be connected to any Mac.

Once connected to your iPhone, you'll get a message similar to the one below on your iPhone.

The Air Pods are super ease to use, once placed in your ear, you'll hear a quick hum, letting you know they are connected and ready to go.  Then you simply double tap either bud (near the top of the bud) and Siri is enabled.  Then you give it commands like "call mom", or "text dad", or "I need directions to Whole Foods", without having to say "Hey Siri".  If you place a call, to end it, simply double tap one of the Air Pods and your call ends.  It literally couldn't be easier (and safer).  If you need to know how much charge is left in the Air Pods, you can simply place them in their case, leave it open near your iPhone and you'll get a window (like the one above) providing you with them amount of charge not only in the Air Pods, but also in the case.

The cost of other Bluetooth headphones range anywhere from $38, to well over $200.  The Air Pods come in towards the higher end price range, at $159.  After the first month, I am happy to say they are well worth the price.  

I hope this helps you if you are considering the Air Pods, and if you are on the fence, I would suggest getting them, you'll be happy you did.

Thanks for reading, and until next time, best to you and your devices!


  1. What is the sound quality like vs. the earbuds that come with the phone?

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