Thursday, October 13, 2016

Wait iOS 10 does What?

Apple recently released iOS 10 to the masses.  For those whom change is, well challenging, the numerous changes in iOS 10 I'm sure have you longing for iOS 9.  As you all should have come accustomed to by now, change is one of the many constants that you should expect from Apple.  Here are some of the biggest complaints I've heard (to this point).  "I hate that there is a new way to unlock my iPhone!"  Next, "All the sudden my family is getting overage charges on our data, why?"  Finally, "Why did Apple change the way my email comes in??

I hear your pain, all valid arguments.  One of the reasons we love our devices is that we know how to use them.  When Apple, or some other developer decides to shake things up and tell us how to use our devices better, WTF?  Right?  Well, we can sit around and complain about the new features and functionality, or, we can adjust and learn the new ways of our devices.  I recommend the later!

Thankfully I have fixes for a few of these changes.

First there is no way to bring back the "Swipe to Open" feature.  You can however make the opening of your iPhone a little easier.  Here's what to do:  1.  Make sure you have enabled Touch ID (setting up 1 or more fingerprints to use as a Passcode).  2.  In Settings, go to General > Accessibility> Home Button > enable the Rest Finger to Open setting.  This will make opening your iPhone a bit less "painful."

Next, has anyone in your family been hit with crazy data overages since iOS 10 came out?  Here's why!  Somehow Apple sneaked a new setting into the "Agreement" we all have to agree to when we update.  That unknown agreement is in the Cellular setting of your iPhone and is called Wi-Fi Assist.  Here's what it does (and it doesn't assist your Wi-Fi!).  The setting is defaulted to On.  What it does is this.  When you are in a Wi-Fi environment, and the Wi-Fi is "weak", it flips you off of Wi-Fi and onto Cellular!  That is the assist!  It's a sneaky horrible feature needs to be turned off!  It should be called Carrier assist, as it does nothing but put money into the Carrier's pockets by taking you off of Wi-Fi.

Finally, Apple decided that when you have a chain of emails, your newest email should now end up on the bottom, instead of the top!  Frustrating, but at least there is a way to remedy this unnecessary situation.  Go to the Mail setting, slide down to Threading, and enable the Most Recent Message on Top setting.

This should help you "deal" with these frustrating new "features".  Hopefully you've found some of the great new features in Messages, Maps and Photos, useful.  As well as the new Widgets, which present data from your apps in a quick and useful way.

As always, thanks for reading, and please share with others people who will find this helpful.  Until next time, best to you and your devices!