Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Coming soon in iOS 10

With every June, comes the Apple WWDC (World Wide Developer Conference), which brings us news of the great things to come for all our Apple devices.  This past Monday, the WWDC kicked off with a 2 hour Keynote presentation about all the cool new features coming for our iPhones, Macs, Apple Watches and iPads.  Today I'm going to focus on some great new features coming this fall in iOS 10.

For starters, theres some great new functionality coming to SIRI.  You'll be able to use SIRI to book a ride with your favorite ride service, like Uber or Lyft.  You'll be able to use SIRI to search through your photos, make payments through apps like Cash, PayPal and Square.  You'll be able to have SIRI check your calendar availability and it will even support multi-lingual questions!  And that's just a small list of new Siri features coming later this fall.

One of our favorite things to do with our iPhone is take amazing pictures and videos.   For iOS 10, Apple is making the Photos App better and easier to use!  Some of the great new features include facial recognition, object and scene recognition.  Photos will be able to sort your pictures by trips, date and even the people who took trips with you, a super cool new feature!

Also updated for iOS 10 is Maps.  Maps has been totally rewritten and now provides better navigation, with the ability to zoom in and zoom out for traffic.  Maps will be able to proactively provide you with better and alternative routes if the one you are taking has say an accident, or tons of traffic.  How about being able to book a ride with Uber directly from Maps?  Well that feature has been added as well, to allow you to do so much more without ever leaving the Maps app.

Apple Music has also been redesigned with some subtle changes, starting with a fresh new design to show your Library and the items in it; Playlists, Artists, Albums, etc.  I will focus more on these design changes in a blog later this summer, but you'll love the new look and feel of the Music App.

The Phone app has a handful of great new features, the biggest being you can get your voicemails translated to text, so you don't have to press the play button to listen, a great addition to the Phone app.

The biggest update from an App perspective comes to Messages.  I'm going to point out some of the highlights, but will also create a blog later this summer dedicated solely to Messages.  To start, for those of us that can't see so well, you'll get emojis that are 3X larger!  You'll also be able to easily add emojis to your text, once you've typed, tap the emoji button, and words in your text that can be replaced by emojis will be highlighted.  Next you tap those words and they'll get replaced by an emoji!  It's super cool and will make more sense when you see it.  You'll be able to add cool new effects to emojis, created invisible ink text that the receiver can swipe to show what you've sent them, that's an awesome new feature.  You'll be able to hand write texts, create full screen texts and more.  Those are just some of the great new features coming.

I hope you are excited, look for more blogs to come on the new macOS features, watchOS features and tvOS features.

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