Monday, October 19, 2015

Best new features of iOS 9

Hello and thanks for reading my blog that covers some of the best new features in iOS 9.  So let's dive right in here, and these are in no particular order, just some of my favorite newbies.  

First, Phone number lookup - Don't you wish your phone could identify everyone that calls you, even those people NOT in your contacts?  Well now it can!  If you make or receive a call and that phone number is not in your contacts, but happens to be in an email sent to you, your Phone can label it with the contacts name!  Simply turn the "Contacts Found in Mail" setting on (found in the Mail, Contacts, Calendar Setting, see directly below).

Searching Settings - Now you can search through the setting to find the exact setting you are looking for, rather than swiping up and down to find something.  Simply swipe or pull down in the Settings app and the search window appears!

In-App searches - Once your favorite Apps have been updated to iOS 9, you'll be able to search through them for any information you'd like out of them.

New in Photos, the Selfie Album - Now you can view all your selfies easily in the new Selfie Album thats been added to Photos.

New way to Navigate Photos - Now you can slide through your pictures by swiping your finger left or right along the bottom pane of pictures.

New Notes App (that is actually useful)! - Though very late to the game with these updates, the new features in Notes are welcome and long overdue.  Now you can sketch in a note, and pictures to notes and even create folders.  

iCloud Drive App -  Now the iCloud Drive has been added as an App and you can view, text or email files directly from your iCloud drive.

Reach Contacts directly from Spotlight search - Now in Spotlight if you type the name of a contact, you can call or text them directly from the search results, you don't have to dig through your contacts app!

Nearby suggestions in Maps - New to Maps gets the ability to search for nearby suggestions like Food, Drinks, Shopping, Travel, Services, Fun Health and Transport!

New keyboard - Now you can finally "Know" if you are typing in Caps or not.  The keyboard will capitalize a letter when you press the arrow key once, it will be lower case in all other instances!  Yeah!

Siri - Siri has been upgraded dramatically!  Not only can she launch apps, or create texts, she can even play the "hottest" songs from 1967 if you ask!  And the 6S, hands free Siri is tremendous!  Now you can say "Hey Siri" without having to be plugged in and the personal assistant works!

Those are my favorite new features, if you've got some not listed here, by all means send them along!  Hope you enjoyed and I look forward to hearing back from you.

Until next time, best to you and your devices!

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