Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Case for securing your passwords using the "1Password" App

How many of you have your passwords stored on your iPhone within the Notes App?  Even better, stored as a Contact?  Wait, better yet, you store your passwords in a book, that you leave in a drawer in the kitchen, or by the computer?  Then to make matters worse, you decide, screw it!  There are way too many logins that require passwords, I can't keep my passwords straight, I have to keep resetting them, so I'll just use the same password for everything, that will be easy!  Sure, and it will make a hackers life easy as well!  They will jump for joy if they ever get their hands on your password, it will open up Fort Knox for them!  

Any of this sound familiar?  All to familiar to me.  When I come upon a client that still stores their passwords in a location I mentioned above (or something similar), my heart aches for them.  G-d forbid someone breaks into your home, or steals your device(s), the first place they will look is one of the places I mentioned above!  So what is there to do, you ask?  How on earth can I remember all these passwords, there is too many.  There are numerous options for password storage, the one I'm going to discuss is the 1Password service and app.  

I've been using 1Password for about a year now (you can click the link to take you to their site).  I have the app on both my iPhone and iPad.  1Password uses the concept of a "vault" to store all your passwords (it can even be used to store credit cards, drivers license, passport numbers and other important personal information).  One of my favorite features is that it can sync your "vault(s)" using iCloud.  That way, if you have multiple devices (like me), you use one master password and can access your "vault" on any of your devices.  The following is straight from the agilebits web site "1Password uses the best available encryption from well-trusted and scrutinized cryptographic libraries. It is designed in accordance with the recommendations of the cryptographic research community.  It is designed so that if anyone (including us) were to get a hold of your 1Password data, there is no feasible way for them to decrypt your secrets without knowing your Master Password. We’ve even designed 1Password to make things extra difficult for automated tools that might try guessing your Master Password."  
In terms the rest of us will understand, it's pretty darn secure!  Another of the features I truly adore is that it will create passwords for you if you are having trouble coming up with a good one.  It's a fabulous feature, and the best part is, you won't have to remember the crazy password it creates for you, as its stored within the app for you!  

When you enter an existing password that you use, 1Password will scrutinize it for you and let you know if it's weak, ok, or strong, another great feature.  

So, how much is this tool you ask?  The app itself comes in a free version, and a $9.99 version.  If you are just looking to store passwords, the free version will be more than suitable for you.  The $9.99 version let's you create multiple vaults and even share those vaults amongst your family, should you choose to do so.  

So don't wait another moment folks, if you aren't using a tool like 1Password, and you're still using the same password for multiple sites, or storing them in really insecure places, it's time to step up and lock those passwords down! Go to the App Store on your iPhone or iPad (you can even download 1Password for Mac, that is more intricate and does cost $49.99), download 1Password and start securing your present and future!

Once you've downloaded, if you need assistance with 1Password, please do not hesitate to reach out to me, via email (

Here's to a safe and secure future!  Have a wonderful weekend, and a fantastic Labor Day Holiday.

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  1. Hi! I'm Eva and I work for AgileBits, the makers of 1Password.

    I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for writing about 1Password in your post We're honored receive such a nice review.

    Thank you and keep being awesome!

    Eva Schweber
    Good Witch of the Pacific Northwest