Monday, August 4, 2014

iOS 8 Predictive typing keyboard

Smart and Swappable Keyboards
Have you ever used an Android, or do you know anyone who owns one?  If so, you've probably heard them speak about how great gesture typing is. Rather than tapping out words across a small keyboard, gesture typing allows you to coast across a screen, letter by letter, to send correspondence. Keyboard apps such as SwiftKey and Swype offer this functionality and also work quite well. With iOS 8, Apple is most certainly playing catch up, finally opening iOS devices to system-wide third-party keyboard apps. SwiftKey, Swype and many others are on the way.
Apple’s iOS keyboard may not get built-in gesture typing in the early iOS 8 releases, but it does have new predictive typing that learns from you. Apple calls it QuickType, and as you rattle off a sentence, it will suggest contextually appropriate words. QuickType guesses the words you might want based on what app you’re using (mail versus messages) and to whom you’re sending a note to—boss, friend, wife? 

Knows who you are writing too, and knows what the conversation is about!
The keyboard will provide word choices that are appropriate for whom you are writing too.  Your co-worker, friend, wife etc.  iOS 8 also understands if you are responding to a question and will  provide choices like "yes" or "no".

Look for more great iOS 8 updates later this week and further into this month!

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  1. The IOS 8 keyboard is great, so whats up with people that prefers android, I just love IOS.